Learn About Landscaping And Gardening At A 2019 Wiregrass Lunch And Learn

Wiregrass Lunch and Learn

You love gardening, but how much do you really know about making your garden look fantastic? Even experienced gardeners always have something new to learn, and you may want to brush up on your skills to make your garden look better than ever. And attending a 2019 Wiregrass Lunch and Learn event is a great way to do just that. These events will give you information about a vast array of gardening topics, and you may just learn something completely new. At the same time, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious lunch and mingle with others who share your passion for plants.

When’s the Next Lunch and Learn?

These Lunch and Learn events are happening all year, but the next one to catch is on Tuesday, May 7 at noon. You’ll meet at the Wiregrass Smart Yards here in Ozark, Alabama, where you’ll meet with a professional gardener. Remember to bring a sack lunch with you, so you can eat while you learn something new. Oh, and it’s a good idea to bring something healthy, as that will give you the energy you need to learn as much as you can while you’re there.

A Variety of Topics

You’re not going to get the same information over and over again when you attend these events. Every meeting is different, so you’ll always learn something new. For example, there are classes on growing blueberries, different vegetables, and even decorative flowers. You may also learn about landscape design or pest management. One thing is for sure: The information you learn at these events will help you become a better gardener.

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Meet with Other Gardeners

Gardening is a fairly solitary activity, so this is your chance to get out and meet others with the same interests you have. Meet some new friends who enjoy gardening, and you might just create life-long friendships. Hey, maybe you can even get together and garden as a group. How fun would that be?

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