Beat The Clock At Brain Busters Escape Rooms

If you like your fun with a healthy dose of skill, challenge, and adrenaline, then you’re probably intrigued by the growing popularity of escape rooms. These recreation venues are popping up everywhere, inviting brave and confident participants to test their mental mettle, solve a mystery, and outsmart the game. Getting in on the action, Daleville offers its own variation on this fun trend at Brain Buster’s Escape Rooms.

The Rooms

Located inside the Titan Magic Magic Shop at 518 North Daleville near Dothan, Brain Busters Escape Rooms features five different rooms of fun. Choose your favorite:

  • The Grove – Billed as “a conspiracy theory like none other,” The Grove centers on a mysterious secret, elite location in California that’s responsible for more than its share of missing persons. You and your teammates are reporters tasked with getting in and out armed with answers to what lies within. Minimum of two players, or four players for a private group. Duration is one hour; price ranges from $15 to $17.
  • Booty Battle – In this room, you’ll race the clock to find the treasure from a pirate camp while docked on a small island in international waters. Minimum of two players, or six players for a private group. Duration is one hour; price ranges from $15 to $17.
  • Bio Lab – In the midst of a zombie outbreak, you and your crew will need every second to find a cure and get out of a building that’s been overrun by the undead. Hurry – there’s one in the room with you! Minimum of two players, or four players for a private group. Duration is one hour; price ranges from $18 to $20.
  • Wizard Quest – Great for all ages, this game casts your group as wizards tasked with finding and returning some freshly laid dragon eggs to their mother. Just 15 minutes is all you have to get the job done before the anxious mom burns down the town on her own quest to rescue her eggs. Minimum of two players, or three players for a private group. Duration is 15 minutes for this entry-level game; cost is $5 per person.
  • Out of Order – Stuck in a nonfunctional elevator 80 stories above the ground, you’ll need to act fast and carefully to fix the elevator and make your way to safety. This is a Motion Escape Room, in a 5×7-foot elevator that can accommodate up to four players. Minimum of two players. Duration is one hour; prices start at $15.

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