Attend A Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner At Black Cat Bakery And Café

Christmas Murder Mystery

Can you keep a secret? There is a problem going on at the Black Cat Bakery and Café. It turns out that a murder is about to take place, and you can solve it. The Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner – The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party will be on Dec. 21 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and tickets are $35 each. The ticket includes the show and a festive holiday meal. Pick up your tickets, grab the ugliest sweater you can find, and then get ready to be wowed by an amazing show.

About the Show

You’ll walk into the Snowflake Lounge, where you’ll find an epic ugly sweater party going on. The actors will be wearing some of the ugliest sweaters around, and you’re encouraged to participate, too. It’ll be a room full of ugly sweaters, so you can expect lots of holiday spirit.

While you munch on a traditional ham dinner, the actors will get to work. There will be lots of greed and blackmail going on, and then a heavy dose of revenge. You’ll need to follow the story and try to figure out who behind all the action. Can you guess the murderer before he or she is revealed? That remains to be seen, but one thing is clear. You’ll have a blast.

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The Masquerade

If you can’t wait for “Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner – The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party,” you can attend “A Mystery Masquerade – A Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner” at The Black Cat Bakery and Café on Dec. 8 and 15. Tickets are also $35 for this show.

This isn’t actually a show. Instead, it’s an interactive experience. You could be called up at any time to participate in the action.

Here’s how it works. You’ll come dressed up for the Abby Manor Masquerade Ball. The ball is the biggest event in Anonville, and people come from far and wide. While you mingle, you might be selected to take part in the mystery. Will you find the killer? Or will you be the killer? Get your tickets, so you can find out.

There is a lot of mystery and intrigue going on this holiday season. You’ll want to zip around the area to take it all in, and a new vehicle from Gilland Ford in Ozark, Alabama, will help. Get your new wheels, and then you’ll be ready to attend the best parties of the season.