Explore Local History At The Depot Museum

Depot Museum

How much do you know about the Pea River region of Alabama? Increase your knowledge quickly with a trip to the Depot Museum in Enterprise. This museum has artifacts from the late 1800s up to today. Even the building itself is historic. The museum sits inside the Enterprise Railroad Depot that was built in 1903.

Never been there before? Get some details on what you can expect.

The Original Boll Weevil Statue

The Boll Weevil Monument is the most prominent landmark in Enterprise, and also one of the most vandalized. If you’ve lived in the area for long, you know that stealing the boll weevil or the entire monument has been a favorite pastime for residents. The city would find the stolen monument, repair it, and put it on display again. However, the statue was damaged in 1998 after vandals aggressively ripped the boll weevil out of its hands. It couldn’t be repaired, so now, it sits inside the Depot Museum. Now, it’s finally safe from vandals and serves as an excellent reminder of the city’s history.

Military Uniforms on Display

The museum has several military uniforms on display. The uniforms represent different wars and are really neat to see in person. It’s interesting to see how the uniforms have evolved over the years. A lot has changed in the world since the early days, including how men and women go into battle.

Old Medical Tools

Do you have a fear of going to the doctor? Just imagine how you would have felt a century or two ago, before the emergence of modern medicine. Be sure to check out the old medical tools and memorabilia housed at the museum, along with the old bottles of medicine used. You will be very grateful that you are alive now and not then.

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So Much More

This museum has thousands of historical artifacts, ranging from an old spinning wheel to farm equipment. Be sure to get a guide, so you can learn about all the different artifacts. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and will help you get even more out of your trip.

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