Find The Best Tacos In Dothan


You don’t have to wait for Tuesday to enjoy tacos. Sure, taco Tuesdays is fun, but you can get a great taco any day of the week in Dothan. If you’re craving the best tacos in the city, check these places out. They have just what you want when it comes to the perfect taco.

La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

When a taco craving hits, head straight to La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant. The people here are so friendly, the service is quick, and it kills it when it comes to the tacos. The selection is amazing, and several stand out. The southern style chicken tacos are so full of flavor, and the street tacos are out of this world. Word to the wise – if you aren’t into hot stuff, get the hot sauce on the side on the street tacos. The sauce is really good, but it is super-hot, so you might want to dip your tacos into it.

Oh, and guess what? You can even get a tofu taco here. See, now you have a place to bring your vegetarian friend who never wants to go out for tacos.

Cactus Flower Café

You know a place is good when people drive for miles to eat there. That’s the case with the Cactus Flower Café. People actually come in from out of town to have the tacos here. The taco shells are homemade, so they are super light and crispy, and the flour shells are also divine. You have so many options here, but you have to try the fish tacos. They are on par with the kind you can find in California. That’s really saying something.

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Barberitos also knows a thing or two about making a great taco. It has options you wouldn’t expect, such as ground turkey and tofu. Plus, it has the Healthy Jerk Fish Taco. You can get your taco fix with this taco and only take in 160 calories and 4 grams of fat. It’s so low in calories and fat that you can even stop by after the gym without feeling guilty.

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