Take A Trip To Ed Lisenby Lake

Ed Lisenby Lake

Now that the weather is hotter than ever, you probably want to try to find some time to spend on the water. After all, when the sun starts beating down on you, nothing feels better than dipping your toes in a cool lake. Check out Ed Lisenby Lake. This place is the perfect spot for fishing or just hanging out. And since it’s connected to a beautiful park, there’s always something to do. Here’s what you should expect when you pay this place a visit.

Go Fishing

By far the most popular activity you can participate in when you go to the lake is fishing. You can find all kinds of fish at this lake, so you are almost guaranteed to catch something good. However, before you go, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, all fishers over the age of 12 need to obtain a daily fishing permit. In addition, fishers ages 16 to 64 who live in the state will need a license. If you don’t live in the state, you need to have a fishing license even if you are over the age of 64. Keep all of this in mind when you are planning your trip to the lake to fish.

Don’t worry about bringing your own bait with you. You can easily get it at the fully stocked bait shop on the premises. That means you can go fishing at the lake without having to go anywhere else beforehand.

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Enjoy the Park

Of course, not everyone loves to fish, and that’s okay. If you’d rather do something else, you can easily head to the park. There is a beautiful pedestrian trail that takes about an hour to walk. Bring your pet along if they are on a leash, or go for a run or a jog if you are trying to get into better shape. You can also check out the picnic tables if you brought food along with you and are searching for someplace to eat. And don’t forget about the archery range! Test your aim here, and you’ll see just how fun archery can be.

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