Enjoy A Day At These Ozark Parks This Summer

Ozark Parks

The weather has been so nice lately, and you want to get outside and enjoy it. Why don’t you head out to one of the great Ozark parks? Ozark is home to an assortment of parks, and each one has something special to offer. Let’s look at which park is best suited for each occasion, and enjoy a day off relaxing at these Ozark parks.

Hanging with the Kids?

Do you want to spend the afternoon in the great outdoors with some kids? Then you can’t beat Steagall Park. This park is home to the Kidzone. This playground will provide hours of entertainment for the kids, and they’ll also love the Splashpad. This playground gets an A+ with the kiddos.

Having a Family Reunion?

It’s so nice outside. Wouldn’t it be fun to gather up the entire family and have a celebration? You don’t want to invite the entire crew over to your house. Just imagine all those people climbing on your furniture. Take the headache out of the reunion by holding it at the Kidzone Pavilion at Steagall Park. You can rent it for three hours at a time for just $45. Plus, the pavilion is located next to the Kidzone, so the kids can play while the adults catch up.

Feeling Athletic?

Do you love sports? Not just watching them, but playing them? Head to Police Memorial Park for a fun day of sports. With tennis courts, a basketball court, and baseball/softball fields, you can play to your heart’s content. Bring all your friends and divide up into teams. You can enjoy some friendly competition during the last days of summer.

Want to Play a Little B-Ball?

Yeah, you can play any sport you want at Police Memorial Park, but if you’re just into basketball, you can’t beat Oben Everett Park. With two lighted basketball courts, it’s easy to jump right in and play. Play until the sun goes down, and then go back home for a little rest.

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Want to Catch a Game?

Oh, you’re more of the watching a game type, huh? No biggie. You can watch some baseball at the Eagle Stadium and Buddy Williams Field. Catch a rec game during the summer months. You can watch some great action here.

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