Explore The Murals In Dothan

Explore The Murals In Dothan
The city of Dothan is home to gifted artists and a rich history. When the two come together you may find a number of beautiful outdoor murals across the town. Artists like Wes Hardin have worked diligently for years to beautify the surrounding community, with over 50 murals adorning the walls of Dothan. When you stroll through the scenic downtown, the region’s history will come alive with color.

A Record of Time

Each mural depicts a scene or character that impacted the region in some way. On Museum Avenue, you’ll see Hernando DeSoto on his 1540 expedition, and on East Main Street, you’ll witness the harrowing capture of Elizabeth Stewart Dill, the wife of a Union sergeant. You’ll also find tributes to historical figures like Creek leader Chief Eufaula on South Saint Andrews, along with the enterprising women who shaped the Wiregrass community into all that it is today.

A mural on South St. Andrews depicts the frenzied Dothan Riot of 1889, when local farmers refused to pay a tax on dray carried through the city. When arrests were made, the conflict between farmers and law enforcement boiled over. On Foster Street, children by the riverside and a moored vessel recall the Steamboat Era, the period from 1824 to 1925 when steamboats were a primary form of transportation along the Chattahoochee River.

Naturally, the city has a mural to celebrate its prized crop, the peanut. Spanning a long wall on Main Street, the city’s first commissioned mural features renowned Tuskegee professor and inventor Dr. George Washington Carver, farmers at harvest, and the acclaimed Peanut Festival.

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