Catch Harbor Lights At The Southern Broadway Dinner Theatre

Harbor Lights

Lighthouses still aid in navigation, but these days, people think of them more as landmarks than necessities. That was hardly the case in the early 1900s, though. Back then, lighthouses were there to help mariners navigate dangerous coastlines as they made their way to the harbor. The men and women who operated these lighthouses had to demonstrate a great deal of stamina and courage while facing hardships few would understand today. Step inside of that world by attending “Harbor Lights” at the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater & Event Center. The show will be on stage on various dates from Feb. 14 to March 16, and tickets start at $36.70. That ticket includes both dinner and a show.

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About the Show

This show will take you back to the early 1900s. It’s set in Maine and follows a couple that operates a lighthouse. Along with showing how the couple dealt with the hardships they faced operating the lighthouse, you’ll also be treated to a romantic story. The gripping story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the curtain closes.

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What About the Grub?

Southern Broadway Dinner Theatre always comes up with a menu that matches the show. Since this show is set in Maine, you’ll be treated to a New England feast. Items like cheddar bay biscuits, broiled lobster tail, and broccoli chowder are all on the menu. The food enhances the experience, and it is absolutely delicious.

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