Take The Family Out To Landmark Park For Fall Farm Day

Fall Farm Day

Have you ever wondered what life was like on the farm around a century ago? How did people make soap and butter, and how were peanuts harvested? You might not be able to take a time capsule back to the old days, but you can attend Fall Farm Day at Landmark Park on Oct. 20. It runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and you can get it for $8. Kids 3–12 get in for $4, and park members don’t have to pay a thing. This program is geared toward the entire family, so load up the crew and head to Landmark Park for this fun celebration.

What to Expect at Family Farm Day

Your family will be transported back in time when you go to Landmark Park for this event. You’ll experience how people had to make everything back then. All your sense will be engaged, from the sugary smells of the syrup being made to the sweet smells of cane grinding.

You’ll also get to see the peanut harvesting process. You know peanuts are a big deal in the Wiregrass region to this day. See how they were harvested 100 or so years ago. Let’s just say it was a lot more difficult back then than it is today, and it’s still not easy today. It’s something you definitely need to see.

There won’t just be demonstrations. You can also listen to music and check out the antique tractors. Then, of course, the kids will love the wagon rides.

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Quilts, Quilts, And More Quilts

Oh, and do you like quilts? The event will also have a huge quilt display. The quilts will be part of the Landmark Quilt Show, and there will be more than 100 for you to see. Some will be antiques, while others will be contemporary. Take the time to admire the craftsmanship that goes into this works of art.

You definitely want to go to Fall Farm Day. It’s a fun-filled family event that everyone will enjoy. Everyone will also enjoy a new vehicle from Gilland Ford in Ozark, Alabama. Once you get your new vehicle from us, you will be ready to go anywhere and everywhere.