Plan Your Spring Trip To Butter And Egg Adventures

Butter And Egg Adventures

The cold weather is starting to fade, and spring is on the horizon. That means it’s time to start planning some fun things to do when the weather warms up. Be sure to put a trip to Butter and Egg Adventures on your list of things to do. This attraction has something for the entire family. From zip lining through the air to breaking out of an escape room, you will easily fill your day with fun activities at Butter and Egg Adventures.

Book an Adventure Package

You can hit all the highlights by booking an adventure package at Butter and Egg Adventures. There are tons of packages available. You can book a package to just go zip lining or book one to take on the Tree Trek course. You can even book one that includes zip lining, the tree challenge, the giant swing, and the climbing wall.

Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll get a guide that’ll help you through it. The guides are amazing, and they will ease your nerves and help you enjoy the experience. And what an experience it is, especially the zip lines. You’ll get a rush of adrenaline as you fly through the air. Keep your eyes open so you can see all the sights below.

Outdoor Laser Tag

You’ve played laser tag before, but have you ever played it outside? It’s crazy fun. It’s organized like a battlefield, and you’ll go to war with the enemy. There’s a ton of land to cover during the game, so you can find some good hiding spots. Then, you’ll just need to sit back and hit the enemy one by one.

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Escape Room

Butter and Egg Adventures has even added an escape room. Right now, it’s running a special for the room. It’s just $12.50 per person, but the price will go up soon.

The escape room is challenging and fun. You’ll have 60 minutes to break out of an apartment, so work quickly to solve the clues. If you don’t make it out in time… Well, the staff will let you out, but it’s still a rush to make it out before the time runs out.

You have a fun day planned at Butter and Egg Adventures, but how are you going to get there? Instead of taking your current vehicle, get a new Ford. Gilland Ford in Ozark, Alabama might not have zip lines, but we do have the wheels you need to head to Butter and Egg Adventures and beyond. See us before you load up the family for your next adventure. Then, get ready to have as much fun on the road as you do at your destination.