Support Wildlife At The Annual Wild About Art Auction and Fundraiser

Wild About Art Auction

The Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary takes care of hundreds of wild animals each year. Owners John and Terry Morse, along with an assortment of volunteers, rehabilitate the animals and release them back into the wild. This is a labor of love, and it requires lots of resources to stay up and running. Donations from the community help out quite a bit, and it also gets a lot of money from the annual Wild About Art Auction and Fundraiser.

This year’s fundraiser will be at the sanctuary on Nov. 10 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The public is invited to come out, explore the sanctuary, and bid on the auction items. There will be tons of local artwork available to bid on in a silent auction format. All the artwork is donated, and the proceeds go toward rehabilitating the animals. If you love wildlife and art, this is the perfect event for you.

About the Art

Local artists have been donating their work to this event since the beginning. You will find all kinds of artwork, but it has a common theme. It has something to do with Alabama wildlife. You will see charcoal drawings and oil paintings and might even come across a knitted item or two. The drawings and paintings are framed and signed, so you will have a real showpiece when you win.

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About the Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary

When you attend the auction, you will also get to tour the sanctuary. While the sanctuary mainly cares for mammals, you also might come across some birds. Most of the animals will be rehabilitated and returned to the wild, but some will never be able to make that transition. Those animals get to stay at the sanctuary, where they are used for educational programs. You will be impressed by how nice the sanctuary is and how the owners and volunteers have worked hard to provide the animals with a good home.

You will find some of the best artwork in Alabama when you go to the Wild About Art Auction. If you love art, you will also enjoy the vehicles at Gilland Ford in Ozark, Alabama. From gorgeous lines to dramatic features, these vehicles are like works of art on wheels. Stop by and see for yourself today.